Three Main Rules Of Roulette

Online Casino Games - Top Online CasinoUnfortunately, at this stage on the Internet there is such a tendency that gullible players who do not yet have a lot of experience pay very, very serious money to people who sell information products on the Internet, “guaranteeing” 100% victory in classic roulette. Remember that there is no effective and efficient way to win that always works – there is always a risk of failure.

However, if you are tired of the monotonous process of playing roulette and you want to diversify it, it makes sense to use the system of three rules, which significantly increases the player’s individual chances of winning. Losses are possible here, there is no getting away from it. Let’s try to figure out the specifics of this game.

How does the three-rule system work?

Note for beginners – the new spin of the roulette wheel has no connection with the previous spins, the spins are random. For example, if in a game session the red numbers appear 10 times in a row, the subsequent falling out of the red number has the same chances of winning as any of the previous spins. The odds of getting even-odd and red-black on the roulette wheel have a 50/50 probability, unless, of course, zero is taken into account (which many players do, but it cannot be completely written off).

Actually, do not trust the sellers of miracle techniques, because you cannot predict or somehow calculate the spin, the result of the rotation. If these methods exist, no one will spread about them in the public domain, and certainly these methods are illegal.

Remember, if you plan to use a mathematical system to play online casino Indonesia roulette, you perform this action at your own risk, absolutely no chance of winning in this case. Despite all sorts of positive aspects and arguments that sellers or authors of this or that technique give you, we must not forget that the subsequent spin will not depend on the previous spins.

Thus, it makes no sense to count something, use some tricky moves, this is nothing more than a way to diversify your playing session. Everything rests on a single rule – each new spin has no connection with the previous one, and a player who bets on absolutely arbitrary numbers will have the same chances of winning as a player who bets chips at some tricky rates in

Rule number 1

The most profitable is the French one, but you cannot find it everywhere. But if the choice is only between American and European – give preference to the latter, since American roulette has 2 zeros and, accordingly, the casino advantage is twice as high, namely 5.26 against 2.7% in the European version.

Rule number 2

Remain sober and don’t let your emotions take over. If you feel that it is better not to make the next bet – refrain from it. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, and never bet on individual numbers unless you just want to try your luck. The odds of hitting red / black and even / odd are higher than hitting a single number.

Rule number 3

We can say a continuation of the previous point. There are bets in which the chances of winning are very high. These bets have equal odds – odd / even above, red / black, above / below. Despite the fact that the payments at this kind of rates are not very large (double increase, payout 1 to 1), the chances of winning here are much higher than in other cases.

Oscar Grind’s Strategy Is A Powerful Tool For Winning From The 20th Century

Another popular strategy for playing roulette with a truly worldwide reputation is the Oscar Grind strategy, which is very actively used by most players. The main specificity of this kind of system lies, first of all, in the fact that bets here need to be made, obeying a predetermined strategy.

Note that this strategy was named in honor of one famous player – it was Oscar Grind who was once a very successful and famous player who constantly took out large sums of money from the casino in the past century.

The strategy hailed from the 20th century is very effective and, if applied correctly, you can consistently remain in the black. You should be prepared for certain restrictions – it is designed for players with a small bankroll, but, if you have funds, you can remake it for yourself. We immediately warn the players that it does not give any chance of a 100% win, the best method proposed by Einstein (stealing chips from the table while no one sees) has not yet been invented. But let’s get acquainted with this system in more detail.

The essence of Oscar Grind’s strategy

The essence of the system is that you get a profit that is equal in size to the size of the first bet. For a better understanding, let’s analyze the strategy using a simple example.

So, on the first spin of the roulette wheel, we bet 1 cent. If you win, the bet is increased by 1 cent. In turn, in case of a loss, we place an additional equivalent of a losing bet – 1 cent. To increase your chances of winning, it is recommended to bet on equal chances – even / odd, red / black.

By simple mathematical calculations, we get a coefficient equivalent to two. According to experts, in order for such a system to be effective enough, you need to collect a bankroll, the size of which will be enough for at least 8 bets. Playing according to Oscar Grind’s strategy with 1 cent bets, we need to have 8 cents at our disposal.

Let’s go back to our example – suppose the initial bet wins and we are already in a small profit. In this case, you need to start the cycle from the very beginning.

If you lose, you need to place a bet, the size of which will be identical to the one we just lost. Actually, the key theses of this strategy:

  • In case of victory, the size of the bet increases.
  • In case of loss, you need to place a bet similar to the previous one.

The key advantage of Oscar Grind’s strategy is its stability, lack of serious risks and very low bankroll requirements. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the gambling establishment in advance – so, if luck has turned away from you for a long time, you will quickly waste all the money. In case of excessive winnings, the casino’s internal restrictions may be triggered and you will not be able to continue to increase your bets.

Keep a cool head and a sober mind when playing the Oscar Grind system, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Lucky 7 is a strategy that is respected by players

A well-known strategy called “Lucky Seven” claims to be the simplest and most effective system for playing roulette today. It is the best choice for a gambler who does not have a lot of money for gambling. The size of your bankroll required for this strategy to work effectively should be equivalent to 24x bets.

If you bet 1 cent on each spin, accordingly, you will need 24 cents in total for the “Lucky Seven” to work effectively. As in other popular systems, to minimize risks, bets should be made on equal amounts – even / odd or red / black. This will allow you to stay in the game for a long time.

The concept of this strategy is very simple. A few words about its essence – in case of a win, the player must place the next bet, which will be equal to the previous one, increased by 50%. So, having put 10 cents at the end, in case of victory, the next bet will reach 15 cents. In case of defeat, we will return to the original size of the bet.

The question arises – what to do in cases when the rate is not equally divided by 2? Suppose the stake is 15, the bet wins, then you need to increase the bet by 7.5 cents. But this can be done not in every casino, therefore, in this case, we round the size of our bet to 8 cents.

A little about goals

The main goal pursued by the players playing according to the “Lucky Seven” strategy is to win 7 times in a row, in this case you get very, very good money. Let’s give another live example.

When betting 10 cents on equal chances (even-odd or red-black), the balance is doubled. We get 20 cents in no way. Obeying the requirements of the strategy, we take 5 cents into the bankroll, put another 15 cents. We win 30, five cents goes back to the bankroll, we bet 23. The third win brings us 46 cents, of which 35 cents is at stake. The repeated win with 35 cents brings us 70 coins of profit, of which 53 is put on the line. Then everything is simple – the sixth winning cycle brings you 106 coins, of which we bet 80 cents and, if we win, we get 160. The final bet is 120 cents, which, if we win, brings us 240 cents. We add another 96 cents saved earlier in the bankroll (we only bet 50% of the winnings) and, in the end, we get a net profit of 336 cents, which is quite good.

After all 7 cycles have been played, it makes sense to abandon the further increase in rates, since there is a great risk of losing all the previous winnings in a literal case in one sitting. Yes, the most important thing is that no one can give you a guarantee that you will be able to win the raise 7 times, although, of course, there is such a possibility and this is not excluded. Remain sober and don’t fall for gambling addiction.

 It is worth noting that in comparison with other systems “Lucky Seven” is incredibly popular among players and, using it, you can earn quite good money with the proper level of luck.