Lucky 7 is a strategy that is respected by players

A well-known strategy called “Lucky Seven” claims to be the simplest and most effective system for playing roulette today. It is the best choice for a gambler who does not have a lot of money for gambling. The size of your bankroll required for this strategy to work effectively should be equivalent to 24x bets.

If you bet 1 cent on each spin, accordingly, you will need 24 cents in total for the “Lucky Seven” to work effectively. As in other popular systems, to minimize risks, bets should be made on equal amounts – even / odd or red / black. This will allow you to stay in the game for a long time.

The concept of this strategy is very simple. A few words about its essence – in case of a win, the player must place the next bet, which will be equal to the previous one, increased by 50%. So, having put 10 cents at the end, in case of victory, the next bet will reach 15 cents. In case of defeat, we will return to the original size of the bet.

The question arises – what to do in cases when the rate is not equally divided by 2? Suppose the stake is 15, the bet wins, then you need to increase the bet by 7.5 cents. But this can be done not in every casino, therefore, in this case, we round the size of our bet to 8 cents.

A little about goals

The main goal pursued by the players playing according to the “Lucky Seven” strategy is to win 7 times in a row, in this case you get very, very good money. Let’s give another live example.

When betting 10 cents on equal chances (even-odd or red-black), the balance is doubled. We get 20 cents in no way. Obeying the requirements of the strategy, we take 5 cents into the bankroll, put another 15 cents. We win 30, five cents goes back to the bankroll, we bet 23. The third win brings us 46 cents, of which 35 cents is at stake. The repeated win with 35 cents brings us 70 coins of profit, of which 53 is put on the line. Then everything is simple – the sixth winning cycle brings you 106 coins, of which we bet 80 cents and, if we win, we get 160. The final bet is 120 cents, which, if we win, brings us 240 cents. We add another 96 cents saved earlier in the bankroll (we only bet 50% of the winnings) and, in the end, we get a net profit of 336 cents, which is quite good.

After all 7 cycles have been played, it makes sense to abandon the further increase in rates, since there is a great risk of losing all the previous winnings in a literal case in one sitting. Yes, the most important thing is that no one can give you a guarantee that you will be able to win the raise 7 times, although, of course, there is such a possibility and this is not excluded. Remain sober and don’t fall for gambling addiction.

┬áIt is worth noting that in comparison with other systems “Lucky Seven” is incredibly popular among players and, using it, you can earn quite good money with the proper level of luck.